Well Dress Industry®-The Group of Companies

1st Division deal in Uniforms & Accessories.

2nd Dvision deal in Apparels & Gloves.


We can produce good quality products at competitive prices.Material used in production are imported as well as manufactured locally.Orders are placed according to Specifications and instructions as per requirements of our valued customers globally.

 Products Guaranteed:

We take 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our merchandise!

All our products get completed through a meticulous execution of the above standard and our final QC is at its best.


Our Mission: 

The most important (Delivery in time! ) 


The most concerning (Quality Products! ) 


The most needed ever (The competitive price! )



Quality and Price: 


We take 100% guarantee and assurance of the quality of the products made in our factory with most competitive prices feasible for every kind of market of the world namely, Europe - Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom,United States of America.



WELL DRESS INDUSTRY would request you to please try us for our acclaimed reliability in this field.



WELL DRESS INDUSTRY (Best Name For Best Quality!)


Best Regards.


Well Dress Team.