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Most people associate Research & Development (R & D) function of a company with the invention of new products. Whilst this is very important , the development of existing products is of equal significance because clients requirments and preferences are continually changing. For instance bullion embroidery badges are being demanded now in 3D look for more details and for a more elegance look. The task of product reserach and development is to come up with the goods and services that meet the needs of tomorrows customers.

In any well run company, research and development have strictly commercial functions,to further the companys business objectives by developing and creating better prodcuts, to improve operational processes and to provide expert advice to the rest of the company and to customers. Some research is not expected to pay for itself within a foreseeable time span, as a matter of fact, “WELL DRESS INDUSTRY” completely understands this fact we have a separate team of employees that work continuously on the new products hence our range of products and services have gone more than 2000 products in our line of business in 2012. Almost double range than 2009-2010. Each new product added to our business line have its own identity and knowledge in the form of "Research & Development".



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